The Former Hanover Theater is For Sale

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-- Specifications --

Year Built:  1928
Seating capacity:  973 (1928)
600 (after 1960 seating replacement)
500+ under today's Codes
Lot size: 58' by 230' (estimated)
Building: 57' by 215'
Each store: 38' by 15', ceiling around 12' Each store also has its own basement (same size)
Second Lobby: 22' by 28', ceiling over 18' (no basement, stairs are in this footprint)
North Offices: 15' by 38', ceiling about 10' (located over north store)
South Offices: 15' by 38', ceiling about 8' (2 levels located over south store and ladies room)
Third Lobby: 58' by 25' ceiling over 25' (no basement, part of restrooms are in this footprint)
Each Restroom: 8.5' by 12', ceiling about 9'
Restroom lounge: 15' by 10.5' (each)
Seating Area: 54' by 105', sloped floor, ceiling as high as 35' (no basement, includes orchestra pit)
Stage: 54' by 30', 50' open space above stage
 Dressing Rooms: 50' by 30' (located under the stage)
Boiler Room: 54' by 30' (located under the dressing rooms)
Projection Booth: 30' by 12' (includes bathroom/Transverter area)
Blower Room: 30' by 20' (approx, located in attic, above orchestra pit).
Theater HVAC: Furnace/Air Handler located in Boiler Room, built 1928, not operating.
      Heating plenums under auditorium floor with registers in floor.
Cooling system uses same Air Handler, evaporators are in ventilation room
      in attic.  Cooling Ducts in attic with  large diffusers in ceiling.
Stores/Offices HVAC: Independent forced air systems, ducts present on North side,
no ducts in South side (removed during renovation, not replaced yet)
Electrical Services: Single phase: 400 A (active, under stage), 100? A (under stage), 100? A (North store)
Three phase: 400A or more (under stage)
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